The Sickly Hecks at Larimer Lounge 2020

The Sickly Hecks, who turn out a couple of fried amps worth of guitar tropes and distortion laced with hopeless stoner/loner incantations sung through melodies in the selfish, mostly monosyllabic vocabulary of rock’n’roll. The production value is raw, using tricks borrowed from the Wipers, Sonic Youth, Wavves and early-era Bright Eyes. The vocal hooks themselves come fast over three melted chords and an onslaught of feedback, distortion, shimmering guitars dance into carbonated choruses that feel, at times, almost anthemic, revealing the back-to-basics pop song that were always underneath. The songs stumble their way from stoned, lazy beauty to speed-freak noise, to almost-bouncy pop – there’s a heart-on-sleeve vulnerability here that feels more insular, self-contained and unsettling, as if the party boys locked themselves away in the bedroom and the results are better than good.

– Drop-Off Productions